me? IM GREATNESS iAm as real as that black lady's naps as real the air in my lungs
I am girlie
@ times I think I'm creepy
Jon makes me aware of me and has many times made me feel insecure
and Aniya Chavon and Aidyn Craig are my right aorta and my left ventricle
I FIND MYSELF UNCONTROLLABLY sexy and only ME can tell I so......
y'all try to hard I live more than just enough

im all for rihanna AALIYAH ciara meagan goode angelina jolie MYSELF OF COURSE shoes and my hubby chris brown

I do me and y'all try to do me to BUT IT CAN'T IT WONT IT DON'T get done like me
Ask me anything I swear I'll tell u M O R E

Permalink did u know there are multiple paths to the same destination? Try ur regular a different way… #nakedsoulyoga #nakedsoulyogachallenge #day30 @homeclothesfreeyogi gave us a pose with a twist because he sees #clothesfreeyoga as a twist on the original and I couldn’t agree me so I chose this contraption of a pose lol u should try it out check in with @inked_gingersnap @inked_nakedsoul for her variation and tune in with me tomorrow for the last pose… Thank you all sooooo much for joining in on this months challenge we appreciate u all dearly and to our wonderful sponsors @educatedqueens @melkncookies @buddha_pants and @savagebybritt we couldn’t have done this without your support so thanks a billion πŸ™
Permalink this is my sanity… some of u smoke some of u drink some of u go to the gym but camera time is my vacation it creates this mental block/vacation from reality when I need it most it’s my way of venting my way of letting it out no matter what life does I can depend on this, my sacred ground u may see yoga and think it is my passion but it doesn’t come close it’s just something about the still chaos of a fashion show and the on the spot openness of a photoshoot or the high I feel at a casting call that brings a steady calm to my soul… I wouldn’t trade this feeling for Michael Jackson’s life (if u truly know me that statement is something serious lol) #imodel #mylife #mypassion #mylove #
Permalink will you help me get my yoga teacher certification?
well you have three ways
1. Through paypal you can make donations for any amount (link also available in my instagram bio)
2. donate a $5 min when going through 
3. Or you can donate any amount in cash through me 

Permalink so I saw the beautifully amazing @pretti_yogi_re do this and decided to give it a shot hah this was so much fun BUT I SWEAR my hips were so tender lol gotta practice this one more often
Permalink #nakedsoulyoga #nakedsoulyogachallenge #day29 #scissorpose brought to u by @inked_nakedsoul check with @homeclothesfreeyogi for his variation and for day 30 we have 2 days left 😁😁😁😁 make sure ur following our sponsors @melkncookies @educatedqueens @buddha_pants and @savagebybritt who will provide gifts for our winners
Permalink I encourage everyone to try these #synergy #rawfood #chia
Permalink COME JOIN ME AND OTHER #NASHVILLEYOGIS for #parkyoga this Sunday at new time 1pm at Centennial Park bring your mat, towel, water, and an open mind #parkyoga #rwyoga #nashvilleyoga #nakedyogajunky
Permalink I gave myself the challenge of COMFORTABLY doing a forearm backbend with a full ankle grip WITH my heels grounded… I half way made it I haven’t been working on my arm and shoulder flexibility so the left arm was no cooperative AT ALL I’m gonna work on this for another week or 2 #rwyoga #nashvilleyoga #nashvilleyogis #nakedyogajunky #shadesofhealth #colorofyoga #yogaofcolor