me? IM GREATNESS iAm as real as that black lady's naps as real the air in my lungs
I am girlie
@ times I think I'm creepy
Jon makes me aware of me and has many times made me feel insecure
and Aniya Chavon and Aidyn Craig are my right aorta and my left ventricle
I FIND MYSELF UNCONTROLLABLY sexy and only ME can tell I so......
y'all try to hard I live more than just enough

im all for rihanna AALIYAH ciara meagan goode angelina jolie MYSELF OF COURSE shoes and my hubby chris brown

I do me and y'all try to do me to BUT IT CAN'T IT WONT IT DON'T get done like me
Ask me anything I swear I'll tell u M O R E

Permalink teaching myself the importance of thankfulness because I can be a brat sometimes (im sure @skyslimit615 will vouch for how spoiled I am) a friend of mine and I visit tent city and there is lady there who on the outside looks crazy as hell because she is always seemingly speaking out loud to herself but after having a conversation with her she made perfect since “my skinny pretty rich daughter im crazy because people don’t ask me questions. I speak of blessings and riches beyond belief and I say this all aloud because even if it isn’t for me those blessings will be for someone else! I have it figured out everything U say comes true maybe not for urself but trust me it will happen… It isn’t luck, the power of life and death wealth and riches poverty and illness is all in ur tongue” she said and my respond ” ur so right” SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE
Permalink #fallbacktobackbends #day1 my lovely cohost @yogineo chose #TADASANA 
from the looks of it it is VERY simple but it’s quite complex 

1. start with your feet either hip distance apart or with your toes turned slightly in and your heels turn a little further out plant yourself on the 4 corners of your feet
So lift your toes and lean back and catch yourself and lean forward and do the same BUT KEEP YOUR TOES LIFTED the place where you caught yourself is your 4 corners
2. Let your hands fall at your waist or hold them in prayer in front of your heart 
3. Lift your kneecaps and firm your thighs because you really want to engage your legs 
4. Push your tailbone to the floor and bring your pubic bone towards your navel so essentially your lengthening your spine (basically scoop your tailbone under and lift your tummy) 
5. Rotate your arms back and lift your head and chest and hold here for about 30 secs

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